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Here's What Alumni (and their families) Have to Say....

"The best advice I can offer a young, aspiring college kicker is to get expert coaching as early as possible. The earlier you start the sooner you will learn how to prioritize your endeavors, make sacrifices, and budget your time. When you join San Diego School of Football you will be given every tool you’ll need for success.


"San Diego School of Football's College-Prep Kicking Academy will give you and your family total preparation for college both on the field and in the classroom."

– Derek Belch, B.A, M.A. Stanford University




"We want you to know how much we appreciate the support and caring you have shown toward Christopher these past months. Your on-field instruction has enabled Chris to hone his skills to a new and exciting level. The patient manner with which you have guided him and your quiet thoughtful presence has impressed us greatly.


We have been pleased with all the aspects of sportsmanship that the San Diego School of Football's program has to offer. We are very grateful for all you have done to promote our son’s athletic excellence and personal integrity. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you."

 – Grace and Derwin Pousson, USC Parents           




"We want to let every parent and athlete reading this know that the competition for roster spots at the next level is far greater than you can imagine. If your sons want to play in college, they absolutely will need the training, development, and support system provided by San Diego School of Football. It's the complete package, from the coaching and training provided in the group lessons and the one-on-one lessons to all of the countless hours spent guiding our son and into and through college."

– Scott and Gayla Congdon, USC Parents

 U.S. Army All-American, Parade All-American




"We had no idea that there was a future for our son Joel to play at the college level.  Lance Ortega took Joel under his wing, and told us that kicking would pay for college, but spelled out the requirements for a college punter and the work that would be involved. I have come to learn to trust his information and his advice. It has proven itself over and over...


Joel went from a 36 yard average to a 44 yard average in less than a year. Joel also started believing that he would have an opportunity to go to somewhere other than the local JC when he graduated, and his academics took an upswing, ending up with a 4.0 average his second semester junior year, and an overall 3.6 GPA at the end of high school. In addition to being a kicking coach, Lance has been instrumental in the college search and application process. Because of his reputation for excellence and being someone that the college coaches can trust, Joel was offered a roster spot on the San Diego State Football Team."

 – Kathy and Tom Alesi

"I would not have a degree from TCU had I not been a part of the Academy. My family needed guidance and support as I went through the process, especially after I transferred. If you plan to kick, punt, or snap in college you need do everything possible to get accepted into College Prep Kicking Academy."

– Bryan Cortney, B.A., TCU




"Lance Ortega and San Diego School of Football guided our son from a beginner to being the top ranked high school punter in the country. He received multiple scholarship offers for college before entering his senior year of high school. None of this would have happened without the outstanding professional coaching and support we received."

– Dr. Nicholas and Wendy Zubyk

Rated as’s # 1 Punter in the Nation, Matt Zubyk was offered a Full Scholarship to Stanford


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