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College Prep Kicking Academy
College-Prep Kicking Academy Five 25 program

Join us in our Transformational, Life-Changing Academy



One Month
$50/Session, $200 billed once


6 Month Academy

$30/Session, $125 Billed Monthly


12 Month Academy

$25/Session, $100 Billed Monthly

College programs recruit and retain*
college-prep academy scholar-athletes

*They won’t tell you why roughly 75% of kickers and punters transfer schools. We educate families on how to choose a college. We protect you from a $20,000 misstep:


• We put an academic plan in place
Transcripts have been reviewed.
The core GPA is calculated.
We’ve outlined financial aid options.

• We establish fluency in high school-to-college recruiting language
We educate the family on building recruiting relationships with colleges:
• How to take unofficial visits, attend college camps, build a film profile.
• We define: walk-on, preferred walk-on, redshirt, greyshirt, dead periods, etc.
Our pupils are NCAA eligible (because you can’t get recruited until you are)

• Our scholar-athletes participate in community service and charity fundraising
We are primarily funded by donations – mainly from our alumni giving back.
Our scholar-athletes become active participants in their community.

• We provide colleges with a comprehensive scouting report
• The interpersonal report includes film, charts, and longitudinal stats.
• We formally assess 2x year as part of the academy. ($300 for non-academy)
• The colleges know they are recruiting a complete scholar-athlete.

Our goal is to hand-deliver you into the college of your choosing. We put the family in position for best college acceptance options. You will exit college with the smallest student loan balance possible.

No one in our business can match the success of our proven

five25 academy

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